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Cotuit Oyster Company: Oysters: Fresh from Cotuit Bay, Cape Cod
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Cotuit Oyster Company: Oysters: Fresh from Cotuit Bay

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Shellfish Tags:

Every box or bag of shellfish that is shipped in the US must have a Shellstock Dealer Tag attached to it. This tag tells the consumer who the dealer is, where and when the shellfish was harvested from and the name of the customer it was sold to.

Each Shellfish Shipper (SS) has a unique number assigned to them by the FDA. Approved license numbers are published monthly. If the number is not in the book, the shipment is illegal.

All wholesale dealers and restaurants that serve shellfish are required by law to hold shellfish tags for 90 days. If there is ever a doubt in your mind about the true identity of the shellfish you are eating, ask to see the shellfish tags.

Our seed is purchased from MA DMF approved hatcheries at 1.5-2mm and grown out to market size entirely in Cotuit Bay. We do not transfer juvenile seed or sublegal oysters from other water bodies to complete the growout process. When in doubt, ask.

Cotuit Oysters are harvested from Cotuit Bay, Area SC 21. If they are not from that unique area, they are not our oysters.

Our farm is located on the waters of Cotuit Bay, on the South side of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
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