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Cotuit Oyster Company: Oysters: Fresh from Cotuit Bay, Cape Cod
Fresh Cotuit Oysters

Cotuit Oyster Company: Oysters: Fresh from Cotuit Bay

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Where can I buy Cotuit Oysters?

Walk-in Retail:
We are fully licensed to sell direct to the public and welcome retail customers to our facility. Because our schedule fluctuates with tide schedules and work load, it is always best to call or e-mail your order in advance to ensure someone will be available on site to fill your order. Our product is cooled down to at least 40 degrees before it is sold in accordance with State and Local regulations. To maintain product integrity, please bring a cooler with ice or gelpacks to keep your shellfish cold during transport. We have ice and styrofoam boxes on hand if you forget. We also sell oyster knives made by Dexter Russell.

 Mail Order:
Oysters are shipped direct to your house via FED EX -Periship overnight, or 1-day ground if shipped within New England. Orders should be placed with as much advance notice as possible but must be confirmed no later than 11am on Wednesday. We do not use Saturday delivery.

Oysters are chilled down to below 40 degrees and are then packed in styrofoam boxes with cardboard covers. Non-Toxic gel packs are used to keep product cold during transport.

Upon receiving your oysters, it is important to care for them properly to ensure high quality. This means removing them from the shipping box and placing them cup side down in your refrigerator. Covering them with a wet kitchen towel will help keep temperature consistent and prevent them from drying out.

If you are interested in placing an order, please email your name, quantity, shipping address and expected delivery date.


Please contact us at (508) 428-6747 or

Our farm is located on the waters of Cotuit Bay, on the South side of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
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