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When choosing the Cotuit Oyster Company to provide a raw bar at your event, we will present our product on a bed of ice in a decorative boat. The boat is embellished with garnish, display product, cocktail sauce and lemons. We carry product liability insurance and all of our shuckers are Serve Safe trained.  A member of the Cotuit Oyster Company, Inc. will arrive approximately one hour early to set up and begin shucking. This time allows for us to have a nice presentation ready for your guests as they arrive.

Raw bars are quoted on a per event basis as each event is unique in guest size, quantity of product(s), shuckers needed, etc. We also provide two ways of choosing the amount of product. Some customers prefer to set an amount and when it is gone we begin to break down and leave the event. Others favor keeping the raw bar open and product shucked until their guests stop eating or a designated time. Either way you choose we always have extra product on hand to ensure for any last minute needs or changes. We are confident that The Cotuit Oyster Company will provide you with a memorable experience, and only the freshest Cotuit Oysters available.

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Our farm is located on the waters of Cotuit Bay, on the South side of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
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