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Cotuit Oyster Company: Oysters: Fresh from Cotuit Bay, Cape Cod
Fresh Cotuit Oysters

Cotuit Oyster Company: Oysters: Fresh from Cotuit Bay

About Cotuit Oyster Co.

Cotuit Shellfish - Farm Fresh Cotuit Oysters

Cotuit Oyster Company, Inc. produces a high quality oyster that has a unique briny flavor unlike any other. The purity of the water and especial chemical make-up account for the flavor of the "Cotuit " which is known and demanded in many parts of the world...
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Our Grants
The Cotuit Oyster Company, Inc. leases 5 shellfish grants in Cotuit Bay totaling 33.83 acres. We grow and sell oysters ranging in size from a 2.5" petite oyster up to a jumbo 5" year round. Each site is utilized for differnt phases of production due to depth, bottom type and predation...
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Oyster Grow-out Methods
Every spring, oyster seed is purchased from DMF approved hatcheries that is typically 1-2mm in size. The oysters are placed into a FLUPSY (Floating Upweller System) to contain the small seed and protect it from predation. As the oysters grow, they are placed in mesh bags that have opening small enugh to contain the seed, ...
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We have collected hundreds of recipes over the years, and welcome your new ones every day. Here we show some of our favorites. Whether you like them raw, steamed, baked, roasted or barbequedl, we think theres something you might find here...
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In The News
We are now using Fed Ex / Periship to ship out all of our retail mail orders. Ground rates will get product to your door in 1 business day if you live in New England...
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East Cost Shellfish Growers Asssociation, MAssachusetts Aquaculture Association, Cape Cod Cooperative Extention are just a few of our affiliations. Find More infor here...
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Cotuit Oyster Company - Fresh Cape Cod Oysters

Fresh Cotuits - Oysters from Cape Cod Massachusetts


Our farm is located on the waters of Cotuit Bay, on the South side of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
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